How to Download Free Gothic Fonts in Word

When it comes to graphic art, traditional art and design, the right font can transform your work. Gothic fonts in particular, can be quite unique. Download and use them on signs or brochures to advertise classic plays or films such as Dracula or Frankenstein, “haunted” hotels, B B;’s and restaurants, themed parties, retail stores and Halloween events. Use gothic fonts on your website, for your business cards, on your blog, in your love letters, or for your art. Use them as stencils to decorate your walls, business storefront, porch or car.
Free Gothic Fonts at fontspace
Here you can find hundreds of free gothic fonts that can be downloaded onto your Windows computer.

Free Gothic Fonts at Urbanfonts
Here find hundreds of free gothic fonts with easy download ability for PC and Mac users.

Free Gothic Fonts at fontriver
Here find more gothic free fonts that can be downloaded onto your Windows computer.

How to Install Your Gothic Font For Microsoft Office Word 2007
Locate your graphic font. Once you’ve selected the font you want, click “Download Font.” Then click “Save File.” Save your graphic font to your desktop for easy access. This will save your graphic font as a zip file. Close the WINWAR purchase notification (if it pops up). Next you will need to import your font into Word. Click, “Start”, then “Control Panel”, then “Fonts.” Then drag your new graffiti font into the Fonts folder. Open a new Word document and select your new front from the tool bar. From there you can create any phrase you like, in any size.

3 FindYourSpot: What’s Your Geographic Destiny?
I first found out about the website findyourspot through the book What Color is your Parachute? The site is designed to help its visitors find the best U.S. cities for them to live in based on a quiz about geographical preferences such as weather, outdoor activities, healthcare facilities, and the safety of a town or city.

When you first register for Find Your Spot, you’ll be taken to the quiz. There are eight sections: climate, art amp; culture, education amp; facilities, recreation amp; leisure, size amp; geography, lifestyle amp; organizations, religion, and housing amp; taxes. Once you answer questions about how much you can afford to spend on a home or what your ideal seasonal weather is like, you will receive a free list of 24 places that are appropriate to your quiz answers.

Each top spot first lists an interesting tidbit about that city. It will also tell you average snowfall and precipitation, average home costs, and the population. Once you click on a city link, you will be taken to a four page full color report about it.

You will learn background history, the educational and healthcare facilities available, things to do no matter what your passions, the cost of renting and owning a home, information on crime statistics and crime prevention efforts, and the top industries for employees.
You can also view homes for sale in the city of your choice and search local job listings. If you want to find out more about different cities, including ones not on your list, you can add two more top spots for free. If you still want more, you are able to access 525 city reports for just $9.95. You are also able to print your whole top spots list, which of course all prints in color.

Once you take the quiz, you give them your e-mail address to save your results. The system will assign you a unique name and password for you and you can access your quiz results again at any other time. You can even go back in the quiz and modify your answers if your preferences change. You can also bookmark your results in your web browser.

I have taken the quiz twice and I have enjoyed it both times. It is really designed to give you a good look at the areas that are best for you to live in. The questions are very specific and while you don’t have to answer all of them, it is good to answer as many as possible.
This makes it easier for the system to give you a list of the top spots that are catered to what you are looking for. Although you may not be interested in some of your top spots, you may find that you really want to live in others.

The reports are just as specific as the quiz questions. They include bar graphs that show average temperatures for each month, beautiful pictures overlooking a city, and estimates of figures for housing expenses and other costs. You can even learn about their standard of living and if it’s higher or lower than the average U.S. standard. Also, the full color pictures are simply stunning. Each report also has a seal of approval on the first page.

Whether you are looking for a fresh start out of college or unhappy in your present town, you can count on to help you seek out other options. Visit the site today with an open mind as well as an idea of what makes you happiest. You could be planning a move or a visit to a top spot before you know it.